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About Nigeria Rebirth

Nigeria in the 21st century (like many other countries of the world which have huge diversities) is challenged by ethnicity and the complexities usually associated with the assimilation and blending of religions. The Nigeria Rebirth Project seeks to make Nigerians see this diversity as a beautiful mix which can be a basis of our unity and not strife.

Thus, the Nigeria Rebirth Project is an ideological framework which seeks to make Nigerians realize that indeed through appreciating our diversity and making possible unity, we can also make possible a national identity which is a prerequisite for actualizing sustainable social, economic and political development in any nation. Our focal point is to employ all realistic means for re-engineering the socio-political, security and economic status, mindset and global perception of Nigeria as a country as well as Nigerians as a people.

The Nigeria Rebirth Project started with the quest to translate these envisions of a newly, rebirth Nigeria into an image (a painting) which would be constantly visualized and one that would forever remain installed in the heart of every Nigerian. It was on this basis that passionate and patriotic Nigerians from across the 6 geo-political zones in Nigeria mobilized 37 artists from 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) to structure this vision into one National Symbol of Unity which visually depicted the history of Nigeria with a new Nigeria breaking out as a baby from a womb.

The painting was commissioned on the 27th of August 2015 at the Unity Fountain Abuja. The amiable wife of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mrs Aisha Buhari caught the vision of the project, supported it and personally unveiled the painting which what was to be known as the Unity Art Piece as well as the National Rebirth Project at the banquet hall of the Aso Rock Presidential Villa Abuja, Nigeria on 17th March 2016 with 66 Ambassadors and 24 Governors wives among those present at the event. Today, the Unity Art Piece can be found in many locations across Nigeria including the main entrance and lobby of the banquet hall of the Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja.

Since then, the Nigeria Rebirth Project through its flagship (the Nigerian Rebirth Foundation) has continued to develop innovative strategies all aimed at helping realize the envisions of the project which in turn are all aimed at making possible the sustainable developmental envisions of Nigeria we all desperately crave for. In a broader sphere, it is a serious continental project, because we believe that indeed Nigeria is one nation that the African continent looks up to for direction, a better direction for socio-economic and political emancipation.


To be a citizen driven nationhood initiative that would structure the deep yearnings of Nigerians into an ideological framework that would drive every Nigerian home, office, institution, corporation and national economic vehicle, thereby re-engineering the socio-political, security and economic position and global perception of Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as a people.


That through our effort encompassed in our mission statement and instruments, help realize a Nigeria that would have our inherent attributes (especially our diversity) become a source of unity and strength and by this make possible sustainable peace and economic prosperity.